• We, at Anis Al Lawati Consulting (AAC), started an initiative to contribute its small portion of its efforts to achieve the objectives OMAN Vision 2040 with reference to national, regional and global economy in particular. AAC existence will be within the framework of  OMAN Vision 2040, to build a knowledge pool and skill building of Omanis to bridge the gap with a quality workforce who will not only take forward the objective of VISION 2040 but also contribute to the national economy of Oman, individually and as a team.

  • The pace at which the global economy is growing and the role of knowledge and skills in the next three decades is to be noticeable and introspective.  The strides the information technology (IT) is taking to change the perspective and canvas of the professional canvas globally is a point of discussion at every level of stakeholders.  The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Language (ML) and Big Data is changing the spectrum of every industry is also a part of its change.  The stakeholders of in every sector globally is noticing this dynamism and framing a forward-looking strategy to keep pace with these developments.

    • We at AAC, assure you that the progress and the value-added activities will be


      planned, evaluated, implemented and review will be done.


            At AAC, we study and introspect the insights of the higher education first, do the


      groundwork, discuss and brainstorm the stakeholders, the expectations about the


      what to be next, but not what to be tomorrow.  We look beyond the line to package.


      the solutions to perfection.


       At AAC, we value academics, corporate training and skill building. and we drive to lead the strategies with the most effective management solutions.


      AAC values the privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of our clients. Meeting the deadlines, milestones and expectations of our clients is of paramount importance.

    • The Consulting division of AAC, aim is to design, advisory and execution services provided to the firms with reference to all levels of organization with an aim of productivity.  AAC supports and reengineer the business strategy which will lead to value added performance and operations outperformance.

      AAC, Consulting division provides strategic planning and expertise to its clients to add value to their business environment so as to make them market leaders.  AAC offers across the specialization such as operations, strategy management, finance, marketing, Human resources, and supply chain management. 

      Its purpose is to have a capacity building ability should be inhouse specialty of its clients. 

      With the advent of automation and dynamic mechanisms in the information technology sphere like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Machine Language, the exposure and adaptability will place the client apart from others.  AAC plays a vital and strategic role in taking forward and reaching to this goal.